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The Goddess

You are the future faces of the Goddess on this beautiful blue planet. Recognize your own female divinity. Study. Learn. Grow. Keep the Goddess alive and magic afoot!

From the collective mind of The Sisterhood... comes The Goddess ... an online information resource for women who are interested in Goddesses, Mythology, Women's Spirituality, Feminist Studies, Sisterhood, Dianic Wicca, and Witch Craft.

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Our Dianic Links - Dianic Tradition a place of Goddess worship for women to practice the blessings of being born a woman.

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Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities (the Susan B. Anthony Coven)

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Dianic Tradition

Welcome to Pagan Search Links
for Women's Spirituality and Dianic Wicca

Activism / Women's Community

Bobbie Grennier - Dianic HP Summoner
  Bobbie Grennier is the birth mother of Sisterhood: Blessings All Communities. She began this group in an era when women hungered for the salvation and freedom of soul and mind from past experiences.

Goddess Conference / Goddess Festival
  When Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters dance and sing beneath the canopy of stars to honor the Goddess within, we see the bond of women's mysteries strengthened and female relationships celebrated.

Dianic Wicca Priestess Training

It is the goal of Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities to provide our members with herstorical and philosophical foundations of the Dianic Tradition; including ritual and spiritual practices from which to provide Clergy Priestess services to the public.

Dianic Tradition is an ancient Goddess and woman-centered, Earth-based, feminist denomination of Wiccan religion. We are a teaching tradition.

Dianic Wicca
  Dianic Wicca website for women practicing the Dianic tradition of wicca.
Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One Goddess Blog
The women of The Sisterhood (the Susan B. Anthony Coven) come together and blog on various topics of women's spirituality, female life and sisterhood in Goddess. There's always something new from these ladies and every bit of it worth the read.  

Sisters in Goddess - Dianic Tradition

  Hands of Demeter
  Women’s Spirituality Coven in the Z Budapest Dianic Tradition
Events in the Hands of Demeter are for women-born-women only. Located in Semi Valley, CA. You must contact for more information.

  Goddess Temple of Orange County
  The passion and purpose of the Founder of the Temple, Rev. Ava, is to empower women to step into our natural spiritual authority; together we women can change the way all humanity lives life on our blessed Mother Earth.


 Activism / Women's Theology

Radical Goddess Thealogy Blog
  A weblog dedicated to saving the planet by gently replacing godfather with GodMother by the year 2035.
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 Women's Communities

Gaia's Garden
  For Mother Earth & the Pagan Way... a place to honour mother earth and discuss the many paths of earth traditions... with pagan related articles and musings, herblore, recipes, gallery, library, forum and much more... kick off your shoes and come play in the Garden.
Temple of Diana, Inc. Non-profit
  The Temple of Diana is a feminist organization of Dianic Wicca dedicated to the celebration of women's magick and mysteries. Temple of Diana was created to help heal, empower, and celebrate women by offering personal 
and public community rituals, classes and workshops in the tradition of Dianic Wicca. Temple of Diana's spiritual tradition is a Goddess and woman-centered, earth-based, feminist denomination of the Wiccan religion.


 Goddess Sites And Sacred Temples


Marija Gimbutas
  With her extensive knowledge of European languages, Marija Gimbutas was employed by Harvard University in 1950. She was assigned the task of conducting research and writing texts regarding European prehistory. Gimbutas was able to read and translate the archaeological reports from Eastern Europe, which opened the American to new ideas on archeology. She remained at Harvard for thirteen years where she also became a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology. In 1955 Marija Gimbutas was made a Fellow of Harvard’s Peabody Museum.

 Women's Journals and Publications

The Beltane Papers
  A Journal of Women's Mysteries. Focused on Women's Mysteries and Goddess spirituality, but inclusive of all women's spiritual paths, The Beltane Papers is published by an all volunteer, feminist, egalitarian group of women who work out of their homes from Coast to Coast in the USA, as a conscious experiment in women working together for a common goal. Flexibility, change and developing spiritual awareness are part of our lives.
Sage Woman
  At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we're devoted to celebrating your journey. With every issue, you'll connect with Goddess-loving women from around the world, rejoicing in our gifts, sharing our wisdom, reaching out to our sisters. In our pages, you'll be supported, uplifted, and challenged to envision the Goddess in all women, especially, in yourself. We invite you to subscribe today and join our circle.
Cerridwen Sidhewolf
  A personal journal of Women's Mysteries and Goddess spirituality, but inclusive of Faery pathworkings. A focus on Dianic Wicca through personal journey and transformation.

  Learn to laugh and learn to live! Baubo is an online Dianic journal.
MatriFocus, Cross-Quarterly for the Goddess Woman
  MatriFocus Archives Cross-Quarterly is a seasonal ezine for Goddess Women and others interested in Goddess lore and scholarship, Goddess Religion (ancient and contemporary), Feminist Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, Women's Health and Creativity, Mythology, Female Shamanism, and Consciousness, Community, and Cosmology. Free subscription.

 Other Women's Spirituality Links

Book Review Blogger
  It’s simple really, we read books that we think will interest us and our readers. Then we review those books and let you know what we thought. We tend to focus on paranormal, ghost, wicca, witchcraft, metaphysical, new age, herb and healing books mostly.

 Women's Sacred Arts

Master Herbalist
  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a master herbalist and it’s rich history throughout the ages, please visit the Herbal College ( and look at the different herbalist programs we’re offering there.

 Sacred Sites   

 Women's Traditions

Susun Weed: Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way
  Natural alternatives for women with health concerns including: menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, fertility issues, and breast health. Moonlodges, goddess rituals, a forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed - herbalist and author of women's health books - workshops, intensives, shamanic apprenticeships, and correspondence courses in herbs and wicca.

Ocean Seminary College
  Ocean Seminary College is committed to providing excellence in shamanistic, neo-pagan and traditional faith-based education to facilitate each student's intellectual growth; personal transformation and well-being; and a restored, ecstatic connection with the Earth and the Divine through a nondiscriminatory community of seekers. Further, the seminary prides itself on ensuring equitable access through maintaining a tuition-free program.

  Institute for Thealogy and Deasophy provides ongoing feminist reflection upon and understanding the many spiritual proto-feminist/feminist traditions' practices, questions, questions, beliefs, and values. The institute is dedicated to furthering knowledge of thealogy and deasophy associated with the various Goddess and other spiritual feminist traditions in all their varieties, modalities, and manifestations. Primarily focused in the thealogical and deasophical aspects of Goddess (Contemporary Pagan) feminism, ITD is also inclusive and open to understanding and furthering scholarship with respect to the ways in which some Christian feminists, Muslim feminists, Jewish feminists and other Spiritual Feminists associate with the Divine Feminine rather than the dominant patriarchal and masculinist renderings of the Divine indicative in the Abrahamic faith traditions.

 Dianic and Related Witchcraft

The Witches' Voice
  The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformationabout Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Wiccans.


Folklore & History Sites

Encyclopedia Mythica Encylopedia on mythology, folklore and legend....
Mything Links annotated, illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales & folklore, sacred arts & sacred traditions...
Mysterious Britain A guide to mysterious places, legends and folklore within the British Isles. 
At The Edge Exploring new interpretations of past and place in archaeology, folklore and mythology - contains an archive of articles originally published in At the Edge and its predecessor, Mercian Mysteries between 1989 and 1998.
The Witch Hunts archive of information and essays on The Witch Hunts [Early Modern Europe] 
Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials 1692 - A Chronology of Events...

Sacred Sites 

Stone Pages Web guide to Megalithic Europe - Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe...
The Megalith Map A resource for finding any stone circle or row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales...
Ancient Sites Directory A Guide To Ancient Monuments Around The United Kingdom
SaveStoneHenge ! Campaign to save the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, Wiltshire, England from new highway construction !
Stones of Wonder Prehistoric Observatories in Scotland - A Web Guidebook - a unique guide to the astronomical alignments built into the ancient standing stones, stone circles and cairns of Scotland. All the sites are illustrated, and the guide includes suggestions for the best times of year to visit...
Ancient Stones Brings together over 200 stone circles, standing stones, boundary stones, named stones, sacred places and other unusual or interesting stones found throughout south east Scotland...
The Sacred Island A collection of ancient megalithic sites, mythology, art and astronomy, with some virtual tours, by artist and researcher Martin Byrne
The Geo Group Sacred Space & Stone Circles Places of Peace and Power - Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, Power place, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray... Information on Wiltshire's Stonehenge and Avebury, the world's most  famous ancient stone circles and henges...
Sacred Sites Project Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project - Paganisms, archaeological monuments, and access...
The Rollright Stones History, information, and facts about the Rollright Stones megalithic complex...
Mid Atlantic Geomancy MAG explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place...


Aeclectic Tarot Tarot Cards, Readings, Resources & Community...
Divination Resources @ The Cauldron An index to The Cauldron's articles and information on Divination methods and techniques...
David Rowan Astrology and Modern Applied Psychology... 
Faces of WomanSpirit A Celtic Oracle of Avalon presents a feminine view of the Universe through the eyes of a Shaman....
Clarity i ching reading and resources with Clarity...including i ching email course....
Enchanted Sprite Astrology articles, astrology horoscopes, tarot readings, new age articles on astrology, tarot, self-improvement, and holistic health in our online new age e-zine...
I-Ching Resources Dedicated to the I Ching as an oracle and to the experience of those who consult it...
TABI Tarot Association for the British Isles - a non-profit community run by volunteers with a passion for Tarot and the esoteric.
AIN The Association Internationale de Numerologues is an organisation that works to promote and develop NUMEROLOGY... 
Faculty of Astrological Studies Raising the standard of astrology since 1948 - internationally recognised for excellence in astrological education Home to the Metalog Directory of Astrologers, as well as the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Centre for Psychological Astrology.

Lunarlore, The Moon & The Night Skies

Gardening by the Moon Learn about Gardening by the Moon on this site packed with information and resources... also home to the 'Gardening by the Moon Calendar' - planting by the phase and the signs of the moon, Garden activities for each month and much more...
Inconstant Moon Explore the Moon. ... Inconstant Moon will take you on a new tour each night, with maps, photos, animations, selected links and even music! 
Virtual Reality Moon Phases shows the moon phase for any date you care to enter....
Your Sky An online interactive planetarium...
Earth & Moon Viewer View the Earth or the Moon online...
The Moon Original photographs of the moon - as seen from the Northern Hemisphere - by Michael Myers 
SpaceWeather News and information about the Sun-Earth environment...


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