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You are the future faces of the Goddess on this beautiful blue planet. Recognize your own female divinity. Study. Learn. Grow. Keep the Goddess alive and magic afoot!

From the mind of Z Budapest ... comes The Goddess ... an online information resource for women who are interested in Goddesses, Mythology, Women's Spirituality, Feminist Studies, Sisterhood, Dianic Wicca, and Witch Craft.

  The online women's spirituality magazine of the Dianic priestess Z Budapest and the Goddess sisters of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One.


Goddess Belief

Goddess Belief is for women who are in search of women's spirituality and rediscovering their own power within as daughters of the divine feminine. As women of faith, we are growing into our full sacred integrity.


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Looking for books by author and witch Z Budapest? You can get them here from Z herself and she will autograph them for you! Support a witch!

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Z Budapest ~ Goddess Festival

Z Budapest is the founding mother of the Goddess Festival in our times. She was the first to establish the festivals that praise Goddesses and unite her worshippers in song, dance and much merriment.

Zsuszanna Budapest is the birth mother of the Dianic Wicca Goddess Spirituality Movement. She began this tradition in an era when women hungered for the salvation and freedom of soul and mind. Here you will find the Dianic University online where Z Budapest continues to teach the world about the Great Mother Goddess. Classess are very inexpensive, and the online learning environment is blessed easy to use. If you want to travel this path in the Women's Spirituality Movement, then this is where you belong.

October 2009

Wisteria’s Autumn Fires

Wisteria’s Autumn Fires is happening from October 15-18, 2009. Wisteria is situated on 620 private and rural acres in beautiful southeastern Ohio. They are in the rolling foothills of the Allegheny mountain plateau region of the Appalachian mountain chain. Scattered throughout this enchanted land are forests and fields, winding trails and streams, rocky outcroppings, caves, and lush plant and animal life.

Our friend Diana Paxson is part of this organization of pagans who put on a respectable and well organized festival. The Wisteria event site and campground, provides a transformative, safe place for gatherings, festivals, special events, and concerts. And, it’s a free Wi-Fi hot spot campground!

For more information on the Wisteria Autumn Fires festival, visit their website at

GreenSong Grove’s 2009 Mabon Celebration

Another festival that has a nice feel to it is the GreenSong Grove’s 2009 Mabon Celebration in St. Petersburg, FL. It’s a day time event instead of an overnight event. The celebration is sponsored by GreenSong, an eclectic non-profit Pagan church in St Petersburg, FL, who hold open Sabbats, Workshops, Weekend Events, and Drumming Circles.

For more information about the GreenSong Grove’s 2009 Mabon Celebration, visit their website at


November 2009






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